‘Disgraceland’ Producer Double Elvis & iHeartRadio Team On Phil Spector Narrative Podcast Series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The story of Phil Spector, murderer and musical genius, is being told through a new narrative podcast series from the team behind Disgraceland and iHeartRadio.

Blood on the Tracks launches August 12 and features the fictionalized voices of the likes of Lenny Bruce, Ronnie Spector, Ike Turner, Keith Richards, John Lennon and Debbie Harry talking about the Wall of Sound creator and Let It Be producer.

It comes after iHeartRadio and Disgraceland creator and host Jake Brennan teamed up last year to create a slate of shows through Double Elvis Productions.

Brennan told Deadline that Spector’s life was the “perfect mix” of music and true crime.

He said that he has paid particularly attention to the sound of the podcast. “I wanted the show to sound new, it sounds unlike any podcast you’ve ever heard, I hope, if I’m doing my job correctly. I wanted to take the sound of analogue recordings and accent the sound design with that sound. You’ll hear lots of vinyl sounds and other great analogue sounds that Phil Spector grew up with and used on his Wall of Sound so that’s peppered in. The scoring of the show is a lot different to anything that we’ve done before, I’ve been trying to do this noir lo-fi scoring that I haven’t heard in podcasting,” he said.

“I wanted to do something different and to create a vibe where the listener is immersed in the story and it has a night time feel. It plays up that late-night studio madness that Phil Spector was known for,” he added.

He is already plotting out future seasons with stories on Rick James, Sid Vicious and Johnny Cash possibilities for season two and beyond.

A number of Brennan’s projects are being adapted for television, including Disgraceland, which is in the works from Nashville trio of creator-executive producer Callie Khouri, Michael Lohmann and T Bone Burnett and Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, and Chelsea Ursin’s Dear Young Rocker.

He said that both projects are still in the works but have not yet landed at a network, saying that COVID-19 had “slowed down” the process.

Brennan and Double Elvis is repped by UTA.

Take a first listen to Blood on the Tracks below.

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