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The phrase ‘too soon’ comes to mind here.

Many comedians make a living out of skirting the fine line between what is OK to joke about and what isn’t. It appears Kevin Meyer (Who? Yeah, I don’t know either) is one of those, but he has misjudged the backlash to a joke he cracked about the Dros rape incident.

The Citizen have all the screenshots, starting with the original joke.

That’s Kevin down the bottom:

Look, comedians are supposed to make us laugh about things that we find uncomfortable, but this joke was never going to find a receptive audience, especially this soon after the incident.

He was immediately called out on social media, and first offered this response, which was then deleted:

At this point, you have to think someone close to Kevin is going to reach out and offer some guidance. This is the point in the cycle where you offer the heartfelt apology, not come out swinging.

Enter the apology or, as Kevin calls it, the OFFICIAL STATEMENT. He shared the lengthy post to Facebook, but we’ll just pick out a few excerpts below:

(don’t think people care but this is my final word on this then I’ll never address it again)

To actual Victims:

You know you are stronger than any attempt to break you, I regret that humanity is so darkly flawed that your past experience even exists and if I could have my way those responsible would be wiped from the face of this earth by hell fire. To you, I from the bottom of my cold dark mad heart apologize with the most sincerity that my joke brought back some of that ugly energy into your life. When posting I did not have any intent or thought of actual tragedy in my mind, I in no way intended to mock or hurt actual victims. I did take the post down after I could see it was causing hurt to people and I tried playing it down, a few times I got a bit carried away in my comments but I was under much pressure and naturally emotions flair, I really hope with this apology I have explained my thinking and intention but most importantly I unreservedly apologize for the effect my joke had. I wish you nothing but a life full of joy and experiences that take you closer to the energy you consider to be godly and of love. Finally after being deeply moved by some of the stories people have told me through social media recently I have decided to make violence against woman and children my primary beneficiary whenever I do charity related gigs.

An interesting approach, and there’s an apology in there. Probably a good place to wrap things up – oh, wait:

To Social media Justice Warriors/ politically correct police/ Trolls and general losers with to much free time and to little brain power to see your own folly:

(excluding people who engaged with me reasonably we spoke already so we cool)

I want to open by saying I am only in control of what I say, you are in control of how you perceive it, I made the joke so I decide how I intended it. So in response to your continued harassment.. My only true regret is that I cant supply enough bags of dicks for you all to eat, I am deeply disturbed by the shortage of ways I am unable to tell you to go fuck yourselves.

Quite the 180 from that heartfelt apology. More rage ahead:

This life has robbed me of enough time I would require to slowly and accurately enlighten you to your depth of cunthood and ignorance, but then again to dissect you as a person would expose me to such intense stupidity I fear I would become mentally retarded.. your only hope is to accept the fact that this world always has and always will have things you disagree with and latching onto everything that makes you angry only makes you sad inside.

Despite the pensive picture above, taken from Kevin’s Facebook account, I think we can tell who is angry inside.

No, he isn’t done yet:

To you sick puppies who support me and laughed:

Thanks for taking the time to voice your support for a very old controversy within comedy even tho at times it brought you under fire, but don’t worry just keep an eye on your inbox  😉

In conclusion.

Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Louise CK, Jimmy Carr, Dean Cook, Patton Oswalt, TJ Miller, Lisa lampanelli, Dick Gregory, Lewis Black, Andrew Dice Clay, Ari Shaffir, David Cross, Tracy Morgan, Daniel Tosh, Denis Leary, Michael Richard’s, Sara Silverman, Jon Stewart, Roseanne Barr, Frankie Boyle, Doug Stanhope, Lenny Bruce, TO NAME A FEW, ALL A LIST VERY FAMOUS COMICS SOME ARE WOMAN AND MOTHERS, ALL HAVE MADE A FEW RAPE JOKES, this world is bigger than any 1 opinion, comedy will always be dark and a little fucked up sometimes.

It’s Dane Cook, not Dean, and the name ‘Kevin Meyer’ doesn’t quite feel at home amongst those listed.

But yes, comedy will be dark and twisted, and people who go to a comedy club should expect to be faced with jokes that make them uncomfortable.

Cracking a rape joke on Facebook isn’t the same as going to a comedy club. If you think you’re not going to get called out, then you’re clearly not paying attention.

The end of that statement / rant:

And with this I have apologized where I have felt I wanted to, I have put my finger in the face of those who took things to far and I thanked those who recognized I didn’t intend to cause harm


I guess Kevin is free to crack jokes as he sees fit. I would suggest he stick to doing them on stage, though, because the Facebook gig doesn’t seem to be working out all that well.


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