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When “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel” first made its marvellous debut on Amazon Prime, viewers were captivated by the vivacious Miriam “Midge” Maisel and her unforgettable style. With a penchant for in-your-face colour and matching accessories, the comedienne had a funny joke and memorable outfit for every situation she found herself in.

The Amy Sherman-Palladino comedy, which showcases Manhattanite life in the 1950s, had Midge (played by Rachel Brosnahan) traipsing around the city in jaunty hats, elegant gloves, and long coats in every shade of fuchsia, Kelly green, and bubblegum pink.

Although you might stop short of wearing a polka-dotted scarf around the office or attempting the ultimate colour blocking challenge with an orange top, purple shorts, and red tights, there’s no denying that Midge is a style maven on TV right now.

Here are Midge’s ten best outfits from “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel’s” first season.

Midge mastered the light pink and magenta velvet pairing in the opening scene.

When we meet Midge Maisel, she is stepping out to the local butcher shop in the most fabulous of ensembles: a pink coat paired with a magenta dress and a matching hat and gloves. It’s the ultimate power outfit to skip the line at the butchers.

Midge bailed comedian Lenny Bruce out of jail in a green gown with some major “Atonement” vibes.

After Midge finds out that her husband Joel is cheating on her, she assumes that her life is over. That is until she gets on stage and realises that unlike Joel, she’s actually got comedic talent.

Midge dramatically asking Lenny Bruce whether he “loves” comedy in a hunter green dress (paired with a matching hat and gloves, of course) has to be one of the best moments from the early episodes.

Midge wore the ultimate red dress while seeing Joel again.

When Joel comes to Yom Kippur dinner at her family’s house, Midge is dressed to the nines in a showstopping version of the classic ’50s dress.

It’s proof that revenge is best served cold and while looking completely fabulous.

Midge served up a fiery defence in court while wearing purple velvet.

It appeared that Midge’s fashionable purple velvet overcoat, a matching puffy hat, and light pink gloves were her only defence when she had her day in court (at least, according to her judge), as she was forced to fork over $US200 and apologise to the judge so he wouldn’t throw her back in jail.

Midge worked the power of Kelly green.

When Midge and Susie happen upon a women’s protest in Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village activist Jane Jacobs picks Midge out of the crowd to speak.

Upon taking the mic, Midge admits that she doesn’t know anything about what they’re talking about, but her perfectly-timed jokes and her stunning Kelly green coat are enough to get her a round of applause at the end of her speech.

Midge headed to her first day of work in a smart grey suit and a playful striped bowtie.

After being forced to move back into her parents’ home and realising that Joel is now living the “Methodist version” of their marriage with Penny, Midge realises that she needs to get a job.

Although she’s initially rejected at a department store, she wins her way to the makeup counter with her knowledge of lipsticks and she shows up to her first day at work with an attention-grabbing bowtie.

Midge got her confidence back by working the party circuit in colour-block.

Every comedian has off-days, and Midge loses her stride after she bombs at a show at the Gaslight.

Nursing her bruised ego, she starts practicing her jokes and comedic timing pressure-free at house parties, and her colour-block ensemble (red tights paired with purple shorts and a salmon-hued blouse) helps her get her confidence back.

Midge made an impression with pink polka dots.

When Midge meets famed New York comedienne Sophie Lennon, she’s in awe. Lennon (played by Jane Lynch) appears to be impressed as well, as she invites Midge over to her castle slash house for some tea. It’s safe to say that Midge’s smart fuchsia suit and her pink polka-dotted necktie made an impression.

Midge was the picture of elegance in a teal suit and matching head wrap.

Midge became disillusioned with Lennon when she realises that the fat-suit-wearing, Lennon from Queens is just an act. Not only does Lennon insist that Midge take one of her expensive coats as she leaves, but she also has a doorman and lives in a mansion.

Luckily, Midge’s teal skirt suit and a matching headwrap are an elegant choice that helps her keep her cool during the awkward situation.

Midge stole the show in an Audrey Hepburn-inspired LBD and pearls.

Midge is at the height of her game in episode eight of “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel” and delivers a great stand-up routine at the Gaslight while wearing a black Givenchy-inspired gown, black gloves, a string of pearls, and red lipstick.

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