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In keeping with Upstart Production’s dedication to bringing socially relevant work to new and expanding audiences, producers Bren Rapp and

take the show on the road bringing a one man scripted theatrical piece into nontraditional venues in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles with L

The production’s final destination will be as part of The Untied Solo Festival in New York this October, the world’s largest festival of its kind, now in its eighth year.

Dallas audiences will get to see the production first, starting August 4th. In an entertaining and novel twist on the concept of “site specific” theatre, the show will be mounted in both a comedy house and a burlesque house, giving audiences two different options for an authentically immersive experience into the world of Lenny Bruce and also taking advantage of the crossover appeal of the subject matter to attract new audiences to live theatre, by finding them where they are. As part of this concept, stand up comics and burlesque performers will be providing pre-show entertainment at the respective venues. The show will continue to tour to some of the country’s most well known comedy venues with dates still being added.
Joey Folsom Brings Lenny Bruce Back to Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York with Upstart Productions' Latest Undertaking

About the play:

Written in the voice and style of Lenny Bruce, Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein’s Lenny Bruce is Back is based on the premise of Lenny Bruce coming back from the dead to deliver the stand up set he never had the opportunity to give in life. Biographical as well as culturally insightful, the comedy of the piece is colored with a poignancy that comes from the imaginative twist of Lenny Bruce turning his bitingly satirical eye not only on society but on himself and his life. Today’s political climate in America has again brought the issues surrounding free speech, comedy as civil disobedience and satire as a vehicle for social change to the forefront of our cultural conversation. This makes the story of counterculture comic and satirist Lenny Bruce not only remarkably relevant but one of timely historical precedent to be noted. Folsom stars in the show that, while primarily comedic in design, profiles one of stand up comedy’s most controversial figures who challenged the perceptions of the purpose of comedy and is thought of by many as the satirical equivalent of a martyr, vilified in life and sainted in death for the path he paved for comedians and individuals alike regarding the freedom of speech.

Production Information:

Directed by Nathan Autrey

Dallas Dates:

Dallas Comedy House

8:00p.m. Friday, August 4

8:00p.m. Saturday, August 5

10:00p.m. Saturday, August 5

*stand up comic opening for the show at each performance

*tickets $10 general admission

Upstart Productions takes over VIVA’S LOUNGE in the Design District

8:00p.m. Friday, August 11

11:00p.m. Friday, August 11

*burlesque pre-show before each performance featuring Vivienne Vermuth

* pay what you want admission or table reservations for a donation to Upstart

Chicago Dates:

Second City-The Beat Lounge

10:30p.m. Thursday, August 24

7:30p.m. Friday, August 25

7:30p.m. Saturday, August 26

*stand up comic opening for the show at each performance

*tickets $13 general admission

Los Angeles Dates:

iO West MainStage

9:00p.m. Friday, October 6

*tickets $10 general admission

New York Dates:

4:00p.m. Sunday, October 29

*tickets $37.25-$70.00

*Stay tunes for more dates to be announced.

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