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Season 4 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” may have simultaneously built up and broke some hearts, but I have a feeling that season 5 is going to be the real doozy. After hitting us with that one-two punch of Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) and Lenny Bruce (Luke Kirby) finally getting together and then ending the season with Lenny emotionally chastising Midge for wasting her comedy opportunities, I highly doubt that we’ll see a truly happy ending between the two (especially considering Lenny’s heroin addiction and real life death in 1966). But all good TV shows do that: they reel you in and then they cut you loose, leaving a gaping hole in your weekly viewing schedule.

And speaking of leaving a hole in your weekly viewing schedule, the final season of “Ms. Maisel” doesn’t officially have a release date yet, but Brosnahan confirmed with Collider that she was in the middle of filming the end, among other things. While mum’s the word on what will actually take place in the last season,┬áBrosnahan did confirm that Midge and Lenny’s story was far from over, saying, “Luke [Kirby] and I just love working together so much. We’ve had scene after scene together that’s just dreamy. So, more to come.”

Midge and Lenny 4ever

Midge and Lenny’s romance might have been gaining steam since the first season of “Ms. Maisel,” but plenty of fans were still shocked that showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino pulled the trigger on their relationship, especially since the Brosnahan had explicitly stated in the past that the relationship would never happened. But clearly Sherman-Palladino changed her mind and Brosnahan and Kirby were able to get on board:

“It’s no secret that I have fully gone on the record going, ‘Amy promised me that she would never do this.’ So, I’m eating my shorts on that one. But she pulled me aside very gently, because she knew that she had made me that promise at some point, and whispered it in my ear. There was a series of, ‘No. No. What? No.’ But actually, I just think it was so beautifully written.”

Or at least for a little while

In fact, Brosnahan seems just as giddy and thrilled about Midge and Lenny’s romance as the fans who have been calling for them to get together since season 1. As she explained to Collider, it made a huge difference that they Midge and Lenny truly feel like they’re on the same level:

That entire sequence between two of them was just gorgeous, and I couldn’t imagine a better way for them to get together. I love that they get together as equals and completely on their own terms, and I love that it’s funny and lovely. If they were ever gonna get together, despite initially being adamantly against it, I couldn’t be more happy that that’s the way they chose to do it. I should never have been surprised that they would have nailed the landing. It was so fun.

It’s sad to be on the precipice of all that fun coming to an end. But “Mrs. Maisel” has brought heart and humor to Prime Video since it premiered way back in 2017. I’m sure Maisel Maniacs (if that’s not what they’re called, it is now) will miss it, but you should always leaving them wanting more.

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