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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a period comedy-drama that has streamed three season thus far on Amazon Prime Video, with a fourth set to debut sometime soon.

The show, set in the late ’50s and early ’60s, is about a young mother and housewife who decides to pursue her passion for stand-up comedy when she realizes she has a real knack for it. Fueling the decision is the fact that her husband has just left her, giving her plenty of material with which to work.

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It’s hilarious and empowering, but there are a few things that don’t quite make sense about some things that have happened in the three seasons to date.


10 Benjamin Didn’t Try To Get Midge Back

Perhaps it was male ego but you would think if you were madly in love with a woman and she just upped and left right in the middle of planning your wedding without so much as an explanation other than a handwritten note… that you would try harder to pursue her.

Benjamin had no shortage of money and a lot of male pride. Someone like that would have tracked Midge down and confronted her for breaking his heart long before simply running into her in a deli months later.

9 Midge’s Parenting

Midge’s parenting has been brought into question many times by fans of the series, but she really does seem like someone who, even when she is home, doesn’t really pay her kids any mind.

There are sweet moments with them. And as a wealthy family with a live-in maid, maybe this was how life was back in those days for the elite. But it was also unusual for a woman to pursue a career at all so the fact that Midge didn’t receive more flack with regards to her kids is odd.


8 Most Of Joel’s Decisions

Sure, we can buy that Joel made a terrible decision by sleeping with his secretary and asking Midge for a divorce, especially since they seemed so madly in love, had a wonderful life, and appeared totally happy together.

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But then he continued to make a series of really bad decisions, none of which made sense. Topping the list include quitting his job and opening a club in an Asian part of town with an illegal gambling business in a secret room at the back.


7 Midge Outing Shy Baldwin

Midge is not a stupid woman. And we can chalk a lot of what she did up to nervousness. But clearly, she must have realized that her clever jokes were essentially outing a gay black man in the heart of Harlem where he would least want the truth to come out.

Things were different in those days so you would think she would be far more sensitive about the topic and mindful of hurting the person she called a friend.


6 That Midge’s Father Was Once An Activist

The total 180 Midge’s father Abe took in the last season, quitting his job and going back to his roots of fighting for meaningful causes seemed completely out of character. It’s hard to believe that he changed so drastically.

He was always smart and seemingly uptight. He became very wealthy after marrying his wife Rose. But considering they likely met and married during his time in college when he claims to have been this free spirit, is that the man she fell for, likely against her parents’ wishes? We can’t imagine them having had anything in common so his supposed youth mentality doesn’t make sense.

5 Rose Gave Up Her Family Money, Moved In With The Maisels

They know they are in financial trouble. We get that Rose felt slighted by her family members who didn’t take her seriously and give her a proper seat at the table because she was a woman. But knowing the dire straits they were in, would she really just give up all her money on principle alone?

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This chain of events led to them having to live with their former son-in-law’s parents Moishe and Shirley who couldn’t be more different from them and drove them nuts. That itself also made little sense. Surely there was somewhere else they could have gone and Rose could have gone back and come to some agreement with her family.


4 Susie Can’t Afford A Better Place

Sure, Susie wasn’t exactly living a lavish lifestyle. But back in those days, as a steadily working club manager, she should surely have been able to afford something other than a tiny basement apartment with a Murphy Bed, messed up plumbing, and zero privacy.

This might have been answered with the fact that she clearly had a severe gambling problem and didn’t really care about her accommodations. But it seems like she would at least be able to afford a decent-sized apartment.

3 Midge Buying Her Old House

For a woman who seemed determined to start anew and shed anything about her old life, it’s odd that she would get so caught up in the nostalgia and purchase her old house.

It’s understandable that once Midge thought she had earned enough money, she wanted to splurge and buy a beautiful home for herself and her children. But why not something new and exciting to go with her equally new and exciting life?


2 Burning The House

Midge and Susie in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 3

Sure, it wasn’t exactly like someone would have caught the footage on smartphone and posted it to social media back then. Neither of those things existed. But Susie and her sister were able to light their family home on fire and slowly get away on a canoe on the water without raising suspicion?

Surely someone would have seen them there and put two and two together. Maybe they could say they had just gone out for a quiet ride when the house mysteriously set ablaze. But if she gets away with that, it surely doesn’t make any sense.

1 Lenny Bruce Having A Crush On Midge

The storyline that saw Lenny Bruce as a mentor and friend of Midge was super sweet. But then he tried to pursue her romantically and it just didn’t fit. It seemed like a brother hitting on his sister.

It was much nicer to see them as platonic friends. Considering Bruce is based on a real-life comedian from that time who died young from an overdose, chances are the character might be killed off in the next season, which means there might never be a reunion between the two.

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