Kevin Hart surprises doctor by giving him part in next film – Gazette Series

Kevin Hart has surprised a doctor by giving him a part in his next film.

The comedian appeared on a video call with Henry Law to break the news to him.

The doctor, who said he is an anaesthesiologist, won the prize through the All In Challenge, which is raising money for charities supporting people through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hart, who shared a video of the encounter on Instagram, told him that as well as having a line in the movie he will also get the “whole shebang” of film star treatment including an assistant, trailer and five-star hotel.

He said: “You are about to be the next Lenny Bruce, the next Denzel, the next Macaulay Culkin.”

Hart added: “Look, this makes us friends, man.

“I’m glad that you won, I couldn’t have asked for a better winner.

Graham Norton Show – London
Kevin Hart (Ian West/PA)

“You look like the part that you are about to get.”

Mr Law said he was “so excited” to work on the film and meet Hart.

He added that it is “heartbreaking” coming back from work and seeing “so many people losing jobs and unemployed, and because of that struggling to have sufficient food for their family” because of the pandemic.

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