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Really? Bash Trump even now?

In response to “The Latest: Cohen says prosecutors review post-raid contacts” (Feb. 27):

It’s been obvious for some time, but now it’s official that the Democrats in Washington hate Trump more than they care about the country. Why else would they trot out Michael Cohen to bash the president on the same day the president is overseas negotiating nuclear disarmament with North Korea? Unbelievable!

Erik Wagner, Charlotte

I have faith in the American system

Sam Roberson

Sam Roberson

Whether you support the Trump presidency or believe it is a sham, there is national credibility in having our president doing international deal-making, and, at the same time, the House of Representatives is receiving extensive, negative accusations about our President’s conduct. Very few nations would allow this to happen.

I am a faithful and hopeful American.

Sam Roberson, Fort Mill

Immigrants just want to live their lives

After reading and reflecting upon your recent articles about ICE, it is imperative that the voices of those who have been shut down for so long finally be heard without the fear of being punished. Whether you want to believe it or not, these are people just like us. They are mothers, fathers and families who only want to live their lives and provide for the ones they love. It is truly disheartening that families can be separated at the snap of a finger.

John F. Kennedy said, “Everywhere, immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.” I stand by this quote completely.

Julian Fludd, Charlotte

Stony Rushing being a hypocrite?

In response to “Mark Harris says he won’t run 9th District election, throwing primary wide open” (Feb. 26):

I would hope Mark Harris wouldn’t run because of his health issues (and because he lost all credibility) but now he is endorsing Stony Rushing? This doesn’t surprise me after what Rushing said on his Facebook page: “Dan McCready just threw all of our ballots in the Trash! What are we going to do about it?”

He’s joking, right? He has to be after what the Republicans were just caught doing. Unbelievable! It’s a new election. You don’t need old ballots. Or were you planning on using them?

Holly Saftner, Charlotte

CIAA was a waste of our time

In response to “City leaders want to lure CIAA tournament back to Charlotte” (Feb. 26):

Don Reid

Want to get the CIAA Tournament back to Charlotte? Simple! Believe the CRVA’s exaggerated claim of economic benefits to the city, lower the hotel rates and succumb to this Baltimore move by giving the organization more taxpayer money and more scholarship money from local businesses.

The CIAA is a failing enterprise with, in my opinion, declining fan interest. It is not much more than a week-long party disguised as a basketball tournament. Let them move their fake tournament along with their subsidized headquarters to Baltimore and take this burden off the backs of Charlotte taxpayers.

Don Reid, Charlotte

What really is your stance Thom Tillis?

Traci Cockerham

Traci Cockerham

We have more walls on I-77 than we have on our southern border. I believe that protecting our border with a wall is the real national emergency.

Thom Tillis is insincere to fully support the president’s immigration policy, but vote to negate the plan President Trump has in place. I would guess that Tillis has a fence around his yard or parks in a garage requiring a pass, yet he doesn’t see border control of our country as a national emergency? This seems hypocritical.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

I fear for the art scene in America

I am writing this letter from a place of deep fear. I am in high school and for the short time I have been on the earth, art has been an integral part of my life. I have been lucky enough to read Shakespeare and listen to Coltrane among other things. I worry, however, that given today’s social climate, genuine interest in art is disappearing.

Given how easily dopamine is administered from various technological devices, the wonderful feeling of finishing a book or hearing a song is just not enough for some anymore. I doubt Shakespeare would have an Instagram page and I know Lenny Bruce would not be on Facebook.

I hope that art can thrive once more.

Henry Gelinas, Charlotte

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