The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Stars Suffered For The Sake Of A Hilarious Scene – /Film

Fans might remember that the humid Florida heat was also an issue for Alex Borstein’s character Susie Myerson. In true Susie fashion, she refuses to take off her leather jacket — even while “relaxing” poolside. The episode also saw her receive some pretty hilarious swimming lessons from Midge. But Borstein revealed to Glamour that however much Susie might have been suffering, the reality was far more hellish.

“That was the most awful, challenging day—maybe of all time. I can swim, but the weather was boiling. It was so much sun. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m whiter than a f***ing ghost’s a**hole. Both Rachel and I are so pale that I had to have a screen over the pool, and then between shots we had to have umbrellas and constant sunscreen. Even with all that protection I got heatstroke.”

Borstein’s tale of strife is made only slightly more ironic given that her character at one point endures what looks to be some pretty excruciating sunburn. Luckily the screen the actor mentioned and whatever other precautions were taken kept her from sharing such a dismal fate. But that doesn’t change the fact that Borstein still spent two hours vomiting because of heatstroke: “It was just really nuts.” On the not-too-bright side, at least something spectacularly comical came out of her torment. “I’m told the scene is really funny,” Borstein continued, emphasizing that filming it was probably less so. But she wasn’t the only one to feel the heat.

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