These comedians made their names poking fun at Trump. The election may change that – Chicago Tribune

Where Terhune and Erskine go lo-fi, Randy Rainbow applies a professional gloss to his productions. One of his devices is to cut himself into interviews with the president, always identified onscreen as “Donald Jessica Trump,” or to appear as the moderator of a Biden-Trump debate. These usually begin with some variation on “Welcome back,” as if we have just returned from a commercial break, and end, like all his posts, with a song parody, to a musical standard, such as “I Won’t Vote Trump” — to the tune of “I Won’t Grow Up,” from “Peter Pan” — “A Spoonful of Clorox” or “There Is Nothing Like a Wall.” Patti LuPone appears in one clip to duet on “If Donald Got Fired,” to the tune of “If Momma Was Married” from “Gypsy”: “If Donald got fired, would that be sublime? / I’d put down my bottles and bongs / I’d be back on Broadway and belting Sondheim instead of cheap internet parody songs.”

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