The Unique Beauty of Brother Theodore’s ‘Stand-up Tragedy’ – Vulture

Brother Theodore on Letterman. Photo: YouTube

For the past four years, Penn Jillette and his partner, Teller, have spent their summers on the CW, providing magicians from around the world with a prime opportunity. If a magician can perform their act on an episode of Penn & Teller: Fool Us — the new season currently airs Mondays at 8 p.m. — and leave the duo stymied as to how they pulled off a trick, then they win a five-star trip to Las Vegas to perform as Penn & Teller’s opening act at their theater in the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Of course, anyone who’s ever seen Penn & Teller in action knows that they’re as much about comedy as they are about magic, and given how knowledgeable and verbose Jillette has proven to be over the decades, it should come as no surprise that his agreement to do an interview for an installment of Underrated was soon followed by no fewer than eight potential topics of conversation. All of them had their merits — a few of them actually necessitated a bit of Googling in order to identify their place in comedy history — but one figure stood out among the rest: the late Brother Theodore.

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