Rachel Brosnahan on Emmy Win and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 2 – Variety

Rachel Brosnahan’s Emmy win was almost perfect, with the exception of a missed meal at In-N-Out Burger after the award show.

Even after one of her friends ran up to the window waving Brosnahan’s Emmy trophy, the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” actress only received an order of fries as consolation. “I’ve never missed In-N-Out after any one of these things. I was devastated,” she says in an interview for this week’s Variety cover story.

Brosnahan’s Emmy statuette was also the subject of discussion as she contemplated award placement in her New York home. She currently has a Golden Globe on her toilet shelf, but there isn’t enough room for her Emmy next to it — “a champagne problem and a half,” as she calls it.

Other interview topics included her British citizenship and her favorite costume on the show: a grey dress complete with a matching belt, a red, white and blue bow, and a beret.

“Every outfit I put on was spectacular, but particularly that one just gave me a whole new oomph within the character,” she says. “It made me feel special, and it felt magical, and we shot in it in 100 degree weather in New York, so I have fond memories of that dress.”

Brosnahan also touched on her experience acting on the show, highlighting how the show’s dialogue is the most challenging aspect of her role. Each script is about 85 pages long, she says, and the actors are expected to be word perfect, “down to the ‘if,’ ‘and,’ ‘the,’ and contractions.”

As for Season 2 of the show, Brosnahan says fans can expect to see more of her character’s relationship with Lenny Bruce, although there’s no hope for them as a couple.

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