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Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will debut by the end of this year, and while we wait for an official date of when to expect more of Midge’s unorthodox comedy routines, we have the season teaser to hold us over. Hinting a family trip to the Catskills and Midge and Susie hitting the comedy circuit outside of New York, the Season 2 trailer offers plenty of clues about what new episodes bring. One eager fan broke down some sneaky details you may have missed when you watched the teaser, and these clues about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will send your mind spiraling ahead of the season premiere.

In its final Season 1 episode, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel showed Midge fully embracing her comedic persona of the housewife Mrs. Maisel. Her final comedy routine at the Gaslight is triumphant, but soon after their surprise hookup, Joel stumbles into the cafe and argues with Susie about Midge’s career possibilities. He leaves the cafe and fights with one of Midge’s haters, mumbling to himself that she’s actually good and showing the audience that he’s incredibly torn and heartbroken about finding out this truth about Midge. Meanwhile, Midge glowed from the reception her routine received, setting herself up for even more comedy opportunities next season.

Dressed fittingly in a hat and ’50s-esque clothing, YouTube user Abbey Howe uploaded a video on Aug. 20 in which she dissects blink-and-you-missed-them details in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s Season 2 teaser. While some of the possible themes she discusses are obvious, Howe’s eagle eyes narrowed in on some details most of us definitely didn’t notice.

Abbey Howe on YouTube

Firstly, Howe points out that the magazines in the teaser’s opening scene are blurred, preventing viewers from seeing what image is actually on the covers. The subtle censorship is definitely reason to believe that the magazine cover story is somehow connected to Midge. Howe suggests that the publication is a gossip rap that has snagged a sneaky photo of Midge and real-life comic Lenny Bruce, who first met Midge in Season 1 when they were arrested on the same night, both presumably for delivering risque comedy routines.

Although their encounters throughout the season were brief, fans have speculated that a romantic connection would spark between the two eventually. If that’s the case, Midge’s mother, Rose, must be concerned about Midge fraternizing with the likes of a male comic when she and her husband, Abe, are still rooting for Midge to reconcile with her quasi-ex Joel. Howe also points out that Midge is still wearing her wedding ring in the teaser, suggesting that things are back on with Joel in Season 2. The couple also shares a dance in the season teaser, even though Lenny Bruce briefly appears in the montage and Zachary Levi’s mystery character is seen on a boat with Midge.


Perhaps most interestingly, Howe even wonders if the fleeting moment of Midge ducking around a waiter takes places in a gay club. Such places would’ve been fairly secretive in the ’50s, but the visual clues definitely suggest that this club is out of the ordinary. The waiter is essentially wearing a crop top, while it looks as if there might be a drag queen on stage. Well, Midge is clearly branching out from performing at the Gaslight this season.

Howe also addresses the rumors that Gilmore Girls leading lady Lauren Graham might be involved in Season 2, but other than both Sherman-Palladino and Graham talking about their possible reunion, not much seems to have come from this. Unless Graham has filmed a super-secret appearance in Season 2, we might have to wait until the confirmed third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for Graham to pop up.

With this new perspective on seemingly simple teaser scenes, I’m more than ready to delve into new episodes of Midge’s antics. Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is expected to premiere later this year on Amazon Prime.

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