The Sunday Conversation: Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay – Los Angeles Times

To be honest, during the recession, I was going broke, basically. The gigs I was getting just weren’t paying enough money to make my monthly nut, plus, even though my kids live with me, I still have to pay child support for one of the kids and alimony. I didn’t have any money, so I gambled in Vegas, because I was playing a little place in Vegas, and I used to gamble heavy over 10 years ago. And I started winning a lot of money. But of course by the end of the summer, because it is gambling, I lost most of it, and I came back to L.A., and I told my new wife, Valerie, “I’m going over to Starbuck’s to have coffee with Max. I don’t want to know about show business, bills, nothing.” And I’m sitting with Max, and this guy comes over that I haven’t seen in 14 years. His name is Bruce Rubenstein. He [co]wrote the movie “Bullet” that Mickey Rourke did with Tupac [Shakur].

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